Amélioration qualitative des services pour les adultes atteints de déficience intellectuelle et développementale

Par Virginie Cobigo et Rosemary Laysight

Cobigo, V. et Laysight, R.(2014). Amélioration qualitative des services pour les adultes atteints de déficience intellectuelle et développementale. CRSEC capsule dix minutes, 2(4).

(En anglais avec sous-titrage en français). This video summarizes a paper published in the Journal on Developmental Disabilities. Services and supports for persons with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD) have transitioned toward or currently take a community-based approach to enhance the social inclusion of their users. This paper presents principles that could guide quality improvement monitoring in community services for adults with IDD. The principles have been developed through a series of activities aiming to achieve a better understanding of relevant service outcomes, particularly social inclusion and choice. These activities were comprised of consultations with various stakeholder groups, including persons with IDD, and reviews of available data about the users of services and supports for Ontarians with intellectual and developmental disabilities. The five proposed principles include: (1) Assessment and monitoring activities are embedded within a continuous quality improvement cycle; (2) Activities focus on personal outcomes that are important to persons with IDD; (3) Activities capture the complexity and multidimensional nature of the outcomes being measured; (4) Knowledge is developed from multiple perspectives; and (5) Knowledge gained is meaningful, actionable and informs policy and service improvements. Building on these principles, the paper concludes with a possible way forward in operationalizing a quality improvement assessment and monitoring system for services for adults with IDD.

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Mots-clés : Évaluation, recherche, services communautaires

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